Sunday, July 17, 2016

Carter Reynolds Popped Out at VidCon 2016, Fans React Different than Last Year

A year ago, Carter Reynolds was banned from VidCon after that entire sex embarrassment. Be that as it may, this year, Carter dropped in on the gathering with an astonishment appearance.

To put it plainly, Onision began a Twitter battle to kick "predator" Carter out of the occasion, and Hank Green chose to motivate security to expel him from the venue. Carter then went on a horrendous tirade and tore the occasion for banning him.

Be that as it may, he chose to pop back for a little visit this year – in spite of the fact that's despite everything he banned.

For only 15 minutes, Carter Reynolds rode the elevator at VidCon as fans yelled his name for selfies. A year ago, fans were droning, "F*ck you, Carter!"

In any case, this time around, fans were to a great extent positive. Have individuals excused him as of now?

He took to Snapchat to record his short ride, with shots of huge amounts of individuals gazing up at him.

He was there for fifteen minutes! Do you like Carter Reynolds?

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