Sunday, July 17, 2016

Romantic Reactions from Kim Min Suk and Dahyun in Latest Flower Crew Episode

A romantic reactions is surprising everyone that whatch the latest episode of SBS 'Flower Crew', July 16. Kim Min Suk and Dahyun from TWICE featured as guest on the show.

They (both Kim Min Suk and Dahyun) is eating meal with the crew at the End of the show. And romantic reactions is sparkling between Kim Min Suk and Dahyun when she wrapping him a bite of food.

Kim Min Suk: "You really wrapped it for me? really?"
Dahyun: "It's really big"
Kim Min Suk: "My mouth is big"
Dahyun: "I don't know if you could eat it all" while putting it wrapped food for him.

Then Seo Jang Hoon poking fun at Kim Min Suk, saying that his heart must be pounding crazy like so. Ahn Jung Hwan also asked Dahyun which style she liked most from 'Descendants of the Sun', and she responded, "Of course, Kim Min Suk sunbaenim."

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