Sunday, July 17, 2016

Soyu doing Diet to be one of Three Great Emperors MC's

Soyu uncovered that she needed to be one of the lasting MCs on 'Three Great Emperors'!

She was a visitor on the sixteenth's scene. She told Baek Jong Won that she'd been needing to go ahead the appear, however amazed him when she said, "Not as a visitor, but rather as one of the lasting MCs." He chuckled and clowned, "It isn't so much that you need to supplant me, correct? It's my system with my name before it." Soyu clarified, "This is on the grounds that I truly like eating. My handle is Eating-Soyu."

Baek Jong Won additionally included, "Soyu and I are of the same class. I lost 10 kg." Soyu concurred and uncovered, "I've lost 8 kg in one month."

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