Taeyong Apologizes for His Past (Again)

Taeyong from NCT is apologizing again for his past mistakes. What mistakes? Maybe you as new fans doesn't know that the young Taeyong in the past, scammed once a buyers on Auction Website like not sending the bought item or by sending a defective item.

Taeyong said to have been banned multiple times under different IDs, and he allegedly made threats against users who sent him complaints or questions about the bought item.

Through an episode of NCT Life, he teared up while saying:

"I think a lot about the embarrassing and regretful things I did when I was young, before debut. Even now, it's all I can think about. It fills up my head. I know I should have talked about this before. I want to sincerely apologize to everyone I've hurt when I was immature, thoughtless, and inconsiderate. I have to work hard from now on. I have to do well so I can be honorable in front of the other members. I have to."
"It must have been hard to like me, so I'm grateful that people like me even though I'm like this. I'm also very grateful for the team members for understanding and liking me."

This is trully a good behaviour from our star, even he has apologized via their label before.

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