The Attorney General's Office will confiscate 3 assets of Surya Darmadi worth 11.7 trillion

The Indonesian Attorney General's Office has confiscated the assets of Surya Darmadi, the boss of PT. Duta Palma Group amounting to Rp 11.7 trillion. It doesn't stop there, the Attorney General's Office is also tracking other Surya assets for confiscation.

Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes, Febrie Adriansyah, said there are three types of assets that can be confiscated by investigators. First, assets that are objects of crime in the investigation process.

"Currently we have an asset tracking team. We continue to map assets related to Duta Palma. There are several things that are considered by investigators. First, it is really the object of a crime being investigated," said Febrie at the Indonesian Attorney General's Office, Tuesday. (30/8/2022).

Second, investigators also saw the flow of funds from Surya's business results. Febrie said, investigators are still searching for assets related to the oil palm plantation business.


"Secondly, investigators see where the business proceeds have gone, so this is currently being investigated for related assets from this business. This is being confiscated by investigators," he continued.

The third type are assets that have been rolled back into other Surya businesses. The reason, investigators also suspect Surya with money laundering (TPPU).

Therefore, Febrie hopes that the process of confiscation of Surya's assets can be carried out optimally.


"This is also a directive from the President that law enforcement must have benefits for the state and for the community, especially for people who have been harmed in the surrounding area," concluded Febrie.

The total financial and economic losses of the country in the aftermath of the alleged corruption case in the oil palm plantation business activities of PT. Duta Palma Group has now reached Rp 104.1 trillion. This number increased compared to the initial statement by the Attorney General's Office, which estimated the state's loss to only Rp. 78 trillion.

The value of the loss increased after investigators from the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) and expert auditors did the calculations. In detail, state financial losses amounted to 4.9 trillion and state economic losses amounted to Rp 99.2 trillion.

It is known, Surya Darmadi, the owner of the palm oil company PT Duta Palma Group, is suspected of being involved in corruption in land grabbing in Indragiri Hulu Regency, Riau Province. Attorney General ST Burhanuddin in his official statement Monday (1/8/2022), said that the same case also involved the name of the Regent of Indragiri Hulu for the 1999-2008 period, Raja Thamsir Rachman.

Surya Damadi is suspected of corruption in the seizure of 37,095 hectares of land in Riau through PT Duta Palma Group. The action was supported by Raja Thamsir Rachman who issued location permits and plantation business permits in the area in Indragiri Hulu on the land in question to five companies under PT Duta Palma Group. The five are PT Banyu Bening Utama, PT Seberida Subur, PT Panca Agro Lestari, PT Kencana Amal Tani, and PT Palma Satu.

Burhanuddin stated that Surya Darmadi used a location business permit and a plantation business permit without a forest area release permit from the Ministry of Forestry and without a cultivation right from the National Land Agency (BPN).

Then, PT Duta Palma Group has never fulfilled the obligation to provide 20 percent of the partnership pattern of the total area of ​​plantations managed as stipulated in Article 11 of the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture Number 26 of 2007.

It did not stop there, Surya Darmadi was also a suspect in the alleged money laundering case (TPPU) in this case.

In the case of alleged corruption, Raja and Surya are subject to Article 2 paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 3 in conjunction with Article 18 of Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Corruption as amended by Law Number 20 of 2001 concerning Amendments to Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Corruption Crimes Jo. Article 55 paragraph (1) 1 of the Criminal Code.

Surya is also suspected of violating Article 3 in conjunction with Article 4 of Law Number 8 of 2010 concerning the Eradication of Money Laundering.

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