Brigadier J's Family Experienced Cyber Attack (Hacking & Doxing)

 The National Human Rights Commission revealed that there was a digital attack experienced by Brigadier J's family, after the deceased was shot on orders from his superior, former Head of the National Police Propam Division, Ferdy Sambo.

Komnas HAM commissioner Choirul Anam said this was based on factual findings obtained by his institution.

"The family of Brigadier J experienced a digital attack a few days after Brigadier J's death," Anam told reporters at his office in Jakarta, Thursday (1/9/2022).

Anam explained that the attack was in the form of an attempt to hijack social media accounts, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, and Yahoo of Brigadier J's family.

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Not only that, Komnas HAM also found the same thing happened to the family of Ferdy Sambo and his aides.

"Most of it is online doxing and persecution," explains Anam.

In addition to the attack, Komnas HAM also found a number of other factual findings, namely an attempt to prevent the family from seeing Brigadier J's body when he arrived at his residence in Jambi.

"The police had limited access to the family to see the condition of the body, but in the end the family was allowed to see the condition of the body under strict guard from members of the police," explained Anam.

Then it was also found that the police did not carry out their commitments in the funeral process for Brigadier J after being shot dead, thus making the family angry.

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"The police did not carry out their commitment to the family to carry out an official funeral process, this made the family angry and disappointed," said Anam.

Komnas HAM Conclusions and Recommendations

As is known, Komnas HAM has completed an investigation into the murder of Brigadier J. It was concluded that his murder was categorized as extrajudicial killing or extrajudicial killing.

The summary of the conclusions of Brigadier J's premeditated murder case is as follows,

1. The death of Brigadier J has occurred on July 8, 2022, at the official residence of the former Head of the Propam Division in Duren Tiga Number 46, South Jakarta.

2. The killing of Brigadier J is categorized as an Extra Judicial Killing act.

3. Based on the results of the first and second autopsies, it was found that Brigadier J was not tortured, but had gunshot wounds.

4. There is a strong suspicion of the occurrence of sexual violence committed by Brigadier J to Ms. PC in Magelang on 7 July 2022.

5. Occurrence of Obstruction of Justice in handling and disclosing the death of Brigadier J.

The Komnas HAM recommendations are as follows:

1. Request the Investigator to follow up on the facts found by Komnas HAM RI in the law enforcement process and ensure that the process is impartial, free of intervention, transparent and accountable based on scientific investigation.

2. Following up the investigation into allegations of sexual violence against Ms. PC in Magelang with due regard to the principles of human rights and conditions of special vulnerabilities.

3. Ensure that law enforcement is not only limited to violations of discipline or code of ethics, but also alleged criminal acts and not only against the alleged perpetrators but also all parties involved both in the capacity to assist and participate.

4. Requesting the Special Inspectorate to examine the alleged ethical violation of every member of the police involved and impose sanctions on members of the police who are proven to have committed Obstruction Of Justice in handling and disclosing the incident of Brigadier J's death in accordance with Police Regulation Number 7 of 2022 concerning the Code of Professional Ethics and the Commission Code of Ethics of the Indonesian National Police.

• Criminal sanctions and dismissal for all members of the police who are proven responsible, ordering based on their authority to create scenarios, consolidate police personnel and destroy and eliminate evidence related to the death of Brigadier J.

• Heavy/Institutional Ethical Sanctions for all members of the police who are proven to have contributed and are aware of the obstruction of justice related to the death of Brigadier J.

• Minor ethical/personality sanctions to all police officers who carry out orders from superiors without knowing the substance of the incident and/or obstruction of justice.

5. Strengthening UPPA institutions to become directorates so that they can become more independent and professional in handling reporting cases of violence against women, including sexual violence.

6. Adopt good practices in handling reports of alleged sexual violence cases against Ms. PC in other cases women are in conflict with the law.

7. Request that the National Police Chief as the highest authority holder of the Indonesian National Police conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the mechanism for handling legal cases involving the main officials of the Republic of Indonesia.

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