Understanding KTP Digital: The Future of Electronic Identity in Indonesia

 What is KTP Digital? This question has become a hot topic among Indonesian internet users after the Indonesian government announced that they will no longer use blank e-KTP and replace it with KTP digital.

For those curious about what KTP digital is, read on for a detailed explanation in this article. The Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration (Ditjen Dukcapil) of the Ministry of Home Affairs has previously socialized the use of KTP Digital.

It is known that the Ministry of Home Affairs has conducted a trial of KTP Digital for employees of the District Civil Registration Office. The trial was conducted to determine the advantages and disadvantages of using KTP Digital, which is currently being developed.

"In the initial stage, it will be applied to employees in the District Civil Registration Office environment, then all Indonesian ASN employees, followed by students and students," said the Director General of the Civil Registration Office of the Ministry of Home Affairs, quoted from dukcapil.kemendagri.go.id (10/2/2023).

In addition, the use of KTP Digital is also carried out because the procurement of blank e-KTP takes up a large portion of the Civil Registration Office budget. In addition, it is necessary to provide ribbon printers, film, and cleaning kits.

The current network problems in rural areas are also one of the problems with using e-KTP. If the internet network is a problem, then the process of sending the results of the e-KTP recording will not be complete.

Therefore, the government issued the idea of ending blank e-KTP and replacing it with KTP Digital, which can be used with a smartphone.

So, what exactly is KTP Digital? Here is a complete explanation of KTP Digital, which has been sourced from various sources.

KTP digital, also known as digital identity, is the transfer of the current e-KTP or electronic ID card used by the Indonesian people to their mobile phones. It is rumored that KTP digital can be accessed using a smartphone with a special government application.

However, this is still a design process from the Ministry of Home Affairs' Civil Registration Office. Moreover, the use of KTP digital is currently still in the internal testing phase by the Civil Registration Office.

The internal trial of the use of KTP Digital has been carried out by the Civil Registration Office since mid-2021 in 58 districts/cities in Indonesia. This trial phase was carried out to strengthen, improve the system, and strengthen the cyber security system.

Is the KTP digital system safe? To access the KTP digital, there are several steps, some of which require verification to maintain the security of the data in the application.

That is the review of what KTP Digital is that Indonesian citizens who already have an ID card need to know. Hopefully, this information will be useful.

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