Chanyeol Download Illegal Pokemon Gold and Silver!

EXO's Chanyeol is gotten up to speed in a debate for downloading 'Pokémon Gold and Silver,' an amusement implied only for the Nintendo, wrongfully on his telephone.

This past July 16, Chanyeol had shared a clasp of 'Pokémon Gold and Silver' on his Instagram with the words "I will have you." When his devotees saw this post, a considerable lot of them pointed out, "That is unlawful diversion downloading," "This is conceivable on your phone? Isn't this unlawful?" "Why is he admitting to illicit downloading?" and that's just the beginning.

Chanyeol, seeing the remarks left on his Instagram, immediately erased the post; tragically, individuals have effectively taken screen catches of it and flowed on the web.

At the point when his post exploded and turned into a contention, the symbol composed a statement of regret. The conciliatory sentiment goes:

"Hi, this is Chanyeol!! The reason I'm uploading a post like this is to apologize to everyone!! First and foremost, I'm someone who really like games, and as a public figure, I think my sharing a clip of an illegally downloaded game was very irresponsible, and to those who use the original product and to others who felt offended, I apologize!! I will continue to be careful in many areas, and try to be Chanyeol who respects the original product!!" 

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