Blocked by Activist, Manokwari Papua is Now Peaceful Again

 A group of residents blockade a road in Manokwari, West Papua. Now the road blockade action has been successfully handled by Manokwari Police personnel at the West Papua Regional Police. So that it does not have a broad impact on the public order of the area.

The head of the Manokwari Police, AKBP Parasian Gultom, said that the situation in Manokwari was conducive after the roadblocks by a group of residents.

"The situation in Manokwari is conducive, we are currently mediating with representatives of the community groups who carried out the action," said Gultom confirmed by telephone, Wednesday (31/8/2022).

The road blockades in Manokwari that have occurred in a row in the past two weeks have attracted the attention of the Head of the West Papua Regional Police, Inspector General of Police Daniel Silitonga.

Meanwhile, the Kapolda asked the local police to resolve the case in a persuasive manner.

"The conduciveness of Manokwari is the responsibility of all parties, therefore, through mediation at the Manokwari Police, I hope that the root of the problem following the road blockades can be resolved properly, it will not happen again," he said, when confirmed via text message.

Previously, a group of residents carried out the blockade of Jalan Yos Sudarso Sanggeng, Manokwari, using wood and burning tires on the road.

The blockade had disrupted public activities on the main route of the capital city of West Papua Province for about three hours from 12.30-15.00 WIT

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