Megawati is Joking: if she likes selfies, she will have many followers

 The speech by the Chairperson of the PDI Perjuangan or PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri at the PDI-P 50th Birthdays, at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/1/2023) is still being discussed.

On that occasion, Megawati often made jokes in front of the hundreds of PDIP cadres who had come. One of them is related to him who is sure he can have many followers. "Fortunately, I'm smart, so if I want to mejeng, what's the name, selfie, woo, I'm sure I have a lot of followers, one woman, two beautiful, three charismatic, right?" said Megawati to applause from hundreds of PDIP cadres.

"The fourth one is smart, I suddenly got two professors, I'm still waiting for 5 honorary doctorates," he added.

Megawati even admits that she is confused about why she has won so many titles."I'm myself scratching my head because of what, yo? One of the CNBC observers also gave me an award," said Megawati. "Do you know that your mother is already beautiful, charismatic, a fighter, what's wrong (what else)? How come you don't see that I'm clearly there," he added.

Megawati then highlighted the role of women both inside and outside of politics. The fifth President of the Republic of Indonesia upholds the need for gender equality and hopes that many women can be like him. "Quantitatively, why are our women not like they used to be during the struggle? I myself am confused as to what's wrong? Even though I myself want to be used as an example, I can do that," said Megawati.

"As I said earlier, there are many women like me, as I said, women must move forward together, this is the modern century, we have become independent people, we can speak according to Indonesian art and culture," he added.

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