On Indonesian Independence Day, Firli Bahuri: A Right Moment to Fight Corruption

 JAKARTA - Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Firli Bahuri invites all elements of society to make a total war against corruption.

Firli said that the commemoration of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day was a momentum to take up sharp bamboo weapons against the mentality of being colonized by corrupt behavior.

"It's time for all of the nation's children to play a role in stopping corruption and taking up sharp bamboo weapons which are none other than integrity, honesty values ​​wrapped in high moral and moral strength to fight and eradicate corruption," said Firli, Wednesday (17/8).

Firli stated that filling independence was not easy, perhaps even more difficult than gaining independence.

In the past, what was being faced was foreign invaders, now what is being fought is a handful of people from one nation whose mentality is colonized by corrupt behavior.

"Mentally colonized by corrupt behavior is the root cause of hampering the progress of the nation and state," he said.

Firli also revealed the characteristics of humans who are mentally colonized by corrupt behavior. In addition to suffering from inferiority (feelings that arise due to weak psychological and social conditions), this kind of person is also not ashamed to beg for something that is not their right. "And dare to commit corruption if his wishes are not fulfilled," said Firli.

The three-star retired police officer emphasized how dangerous humans are with being mentally colonized. Their actions are detrimental to the country's finances and economy, as well as depriving many people of their rights and livelihoods.

"For me corruption is a crime against humanity," said Firli.

Therefore, Firli sees the 77th anniversary of Indonesia's independence as the right time to explore the spirit and values ​​of the struggle of the nation's founders.

Among them are simplicity, sincerity, honesty, as well as an extraordinary love for the nation and state. These values ​​then trigger their courage and willingness to sacrifice their body and soul, even their lives.

"There are not a few essences and lessons that can be extracted from the integrity of the fighters who should be used as examples and guidelines to fill independence," he said.

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