Fuel Price Protest Occurs All Over Indonesia, Some Are Chaotic

A number of masses in the area began to demonstrate to protest the hike in subsidized fuel prices. The demonstrations took place in Surabaya to West Nusa Tenggara.

Some of the demonstrations ended peacefully, some were chaotic. The demonstration protested the plan to increase subsidized fuel prices. It's just that the government has not announced the timing of the increase in subsidized fuel. But the increase is certain.

The BBM demonstration was chaotic in Jombang, East Java, Thursday today. There, dozens of students were involved in pushing and shoving police officers.

The students also threatened that if the government continued to raise fuel prices, he admitted that he would again take bigger actions than before. In fact, he will mobilize the strength of students in Jombang which is bigger.

The riot occurred in the courtyard of the Jombang DPRD office. The riot started when students brought tires. But the tire was taken by the police.

The demonstrations did not stop, they instead burned a number of posters, clothes, and other belongings. The burning lasted quite a long time, so there was friction between the students and the police.

The demonstration by dozens of students was a form of rejection of the government's plan to increase fuel prices. Namely pertalite and diesel fuel types which have been subsidized by the government.

They increase the price of subsidized fuel will only make people miserable.

Demo plan in Malang

The Student Executive Board (BEM) throughout Malang has threatened to hold a large-scale demonstration. This was confirmed by the Coordinator of BEM Malang Raya Zulfikri, quoted from timesindonesia.co.id of the Suara.com media network, Wednesday (31/8/2022).

Students are committed to overseeing policies related to fuel prices and distribution of aid.

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