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Benny Wenda: A Controversial Figure in the West Papua Independence Movement

source: Wikipedia

Exiting the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) forum was carried out by the Indonesian delegation when one of the leaders of the Free Papua Movement group, Benny Wenda, was set to speak at the forum. So who is this Benny Wenda?

Benny Wenda is the leader of West Papua Independence, the Interim President of the ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) Interim Government, and the founder of the Free Papua Campaign.

The ULMWP is a separatist organization in Papua that has been an observer status in the MSG. Under the leadership of Benny Wenda, this organization intends to become a full member of the MSG, which was established in 1988 in Port Vila, Vanuatu, an Oceania country situated on the eastern side of the Island of Papua, Indonesia.

Who is Habib Omar bin Hafidz and How he's Got So Popular?



The person with the original name Al Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafidz is a renowned scholar, teacher, and Islamic reformer in Yemen. He was born in the country, specifically in the region of Tarim, Hadhramaut, on May 27, 1963. Currently, he resides there.

In his daily life, Habib Umar oversees the developments at Darul Musthafa and manages several other schools. Not only that, he also has the ability to memorize the Quran along with various core texts of jurisprudence, hadith, and the Arabic language from a young age.

Habib Umar possesses another notable skill. He masters religious sciences that are firmly held by several other scholars. Starting from Muhammad bin Alawi bin Shihab and Al-Shaikh Fadl Baa Fadhl, among others, who taught at Ribat, Tarim.

Controversial Billboards Linking Habib Umar and Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo Raise Concerns

 Viral on social media is a billboard featuring a photo of the religious lecture by Habib Umar bin Hafidz juxtaposed with presidential candidate (capres) Ganjar Pranowo. The council involved has spoken up. They state that this should not have happened and was done without permission.

"This matter (the lecture billboard) was purely a misunderstanding by the committee and an inappropriate action as it was done without permission and without the knowledge of the Majelis Almuwasholah," stated the clarification letter from Majelis Almuwasholah.

Furthermore, they mentioned that in every religious preaching by Habib Umar, there has never been any connection with practical politics. The council also cautioned that if similar incidents happen in the future, it would not be accurate. The public is urged to be wise.

President Jokowi's Car Encountered an Unexpected Situation in Binjai, Nort Sumatra

Surprising Moment as President Jokowi's Car Encountered an Unexpected Situation in Binjai, North Sumatra on Friday (25/8/2023). Suddenly, a man wearing a black fez stepped in front of the black sedan carrying President Jokowi.

The man stood in front of the car and attempted to stop it. He seemed to be holding a letter for Jokowi. Check out the facts about the fez-wearing man who kicked President Jokowi's car in Binjai below.

Man in a Black Fez Blocks Jokowi's Car

Jakarta Govt Partners with Bank for Electric Vehicle Installments

The Jakarta Provincial Government collaborates with Bank DKI to facilitate Civil Servants (ASN) in purchasing electric vehicles through installment plans. This initiative aims to address the growing concern over air pollution in the capital city.

"I encourage ASN to buy new vehicles, and then I'll request Bank DKI to provide low-interest installment plans within a specified timeframe," stated Acting Governor of Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, in Jakarta on Saturday (August 26, 2023).

Earlier, the Jakarta Provincial Government issued a recommendation for ASN employees within its jurisdiction to use electric vehicles as a contribution to combat air pollution in the capital.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

How to Create your Own Hydroponic Fertilizer (DIY A/B Mix)

For 5 liter of A fertilizer, use 500 gram of Meroke Calnit fertilizer + 4.5 liters of water
For 5 liter of B fertilizer, user 500 gram of Meroke MAG + Meroke Flek G 250 gram + 4.5 liters of water

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Multiple Earthquakes Strike Jayapura, Papua: BMKG Reveals Details

 An earthquake shook the Jayapura region in Papua on Thursday, February 9th, 2023, according to the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG). On Friday (10/2/2023), the earthquake was felt in the region seven more times. The head of BMKG, Dwikorita, stated that the earthquake was a shallow earthquake caused by active fault activities. The earthquake caused significant damage to buildings and reportedly led to the deaths of four people. However, it is known not to have the potential to cause a tsunami.

In response to the situation, a state of emergency has been declared, and thousands of people have fled the area. According to Abdul Muhari, the head of the National Disaster Management Agency's Data, Information and Communication Center, the number of earthquake refugees in Jayapura has reached 2,136 people and is spread out over 15 locations.

Anies Baswedan Hails Jokowi as Inspiration for Democracy in Indonesia

Anies Baswedan, a presidential candidate from the Nasdem Party, is using the name of PDIP politician Joko Widodo or Jokowi when talking about democracy in Indonesia. Anies said that Jokowi's presidency has proven that democracy in the country can give opportunities to anyone.

This was stated by Anies in the Merry Riana Youtube channel titled "PERDANA!! ANIES BASWEDAN BLAK-BLAKAN TENTANG PERJANJIAN POLITIK PRABOWO-ANIES-SANDI" that has been permitted to be quoted, on Saturday (11/2/2023).

"How a child from a simple family has the opportunity to lead a city, the opportunity to lead a province, and the opportunity to lead a country," said Anies.

Tightened Security Measures Announced for Ferdy Sambo's Verdict Hearing

The police force will tighten security measures during the verdict hearing of Ferdy Sambo at the South Jakarta District Court on Monday (13/2/2023).

"It will definitely be tightened," said the Head of Public Relations for the South Jakarta Metropolitan Police, AKP Nurma Dewi, in a statement on Saturday (11/2/2023).

Nurma revealed that over 200 personnel will be on guard around the South Jakarta District Court.

"More than 200 (personnel)," Nurma said.

Understanding KTP Digital: The Future of Electronic Identity in Indonesia

 What is KTP Digital? This question has become a hot topic among Indonesian internet users after the Indonesian government announced that they will no longer use blank e-KTP and replace it with KTP digital.

For those curious about what KTP digital is, read on for a detailed explanation in this article. The Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration (Ditjen Dukcapil) of the Ministry of Home Affairs has previously socialized the use of KTP Digital.

It is known that the Ministry of Home Affairs has conducted a trial of KTP Digital for employees of the District Civil Registration Office. The trial was conducted to determine the advantages and disadvantages of using KTP Digital, which is currently being developed.