Indonesian Netizen Is Not Agree About ex-Corrupt Candidates on 2024 Election

 Political contestation in Indonesia in the upcoming 2024 General Election may be enlivened by legislative candidates who come from former corruptors.

This is due to the absence of a special prohibition in the Election Law for ex-convicts of corruption cases who wish to become legislative candidates for the DPR and DPRD.

The rules regarding the requirements for candidates for legislative members are contained in Article 240 Paragraph 1 letter g. Law No. 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections.

In the law, an ex-corruption convict is given the convenience if he wants to register as a candidate for a member of the legislature. The method is quite easy, which is only required to announce to the public that he has been imprisoned and has completed the prison sentence.

"Never been sentenced to imprisonment based on a court decision that has obtained permanent legal force for committing a crime punishable by imprisonment of 5 (five) years or more, unless openly and honestly state to the public that the person concerned is a former convict," reads Article 240. Paragraph 1 letter of the Election Law.

The General Elections Commission reacts

Regarding the gap for ex-corruptors to run as candidates for legislative members in the upcoming 2024 election, the Indonesian General Elections Commission (KPU) reacted.

In response to the regulation, the KPU will make a KPU Regulation regarding the requirements for nominating DPR members in the upcoming 2024 General Election. Unfortunately, the KPU cannot make regulations that contradict the Election Law.

This means that ex-corruptors still have the opportunity to walk to the parliament building, because the KPU cannot make rules that prohibit former corruption convicts from participating in the legislative elections in the upcoming 2024 election.

Warganet echoes the discourse of boycotting ex-corrupt legislative candidates

 The emergence of a gap for ex-corruptors to run as candidates for legislative members has sparked a response from netizens. Not a few netizens on Twitter were furious with this, so that they echoed the discourse of a boycott of former corruption convicts who wanted to take part in the legislative election.

“Ex-corruptors should have all their freedoms revoked, they can't make SKCK so that others don't follow suit. Don't make life easier," wrote the account @kang_bandros.

“Hadeuh! Kek, there are no other candidates until former corrupt convicts can run again," wrote the account @Mdy_Asmara1701.

"Say his name. It's viral. Echo for a boycott by not voting for ex-corruptors. When can the death penalty for corruptors be carried out in Indonesia?," wrote the account @eugene_panji91

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