Erick Thohir Outlines Solutions to Improve Indonesian Football

Candidate for the PSSI General Chairman, Erick Thohir, explained a number of solutions that will be implemented to improve Indonesian football during a meeting with supporters held in Denpasar, Bali on Saturday (11/2/2023).

The Minister of State-Owned Enterprises stated that one example of the agenda that will be implemented if elected as the PSSI Chairman is to visit the homes of referees to communicate directly with them.

"Indonesian football needs solutions, not just pointing out the mistakes. For example, referees. I want to be the first PSSI General Chairman to come to the referees' homes, to see them. So that they are part of the development of this industry," Erick said in an official statement.

In addition, he will also gather supporters in a dialogue forum to provide an overview of the league and match progress.

"Second, we gather supporters in a dialogue. So that they know what is allowed and not allowed. I know that many supporters are disappointed because they already know the results before the match," he continued.

Through the dialogue forum, it is hoped that a national football blueprint can be created based on criticism and input from the public.

This statement was made before the Extraordinary Congress (KLB) of the PSSI, which will take place on February 16, and which is still considered to have a lot of finger-pointing in the process of organizing football in the country.

Erick believes that improvements within the PSSI must be made immediately without pointing out who is right and who is wrong.

"We build football from the bottom, not from the top. We must know the problems. The general chairman is not just selling his vision and mission, but must represent the vision and mission of the football community," Erick explained.

The event was a tremendous delight for the supporters who were present, and in his speech, Erick Thohir emphasized the importance of solutions for Indonesian football.

The event was initiated by a youth-based group that drives various transformation initiatives in society, and even initiated a meeting of supporters from several clubs in Banjarmasin in an event titled #JagainET.

Tsamara Amany and Pangeran Siahaan, as community managers, also invited the supporters present to together support Erick Thohir in the selection process for the PSSI General Chairman.

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