Who is Habib Omar bin Hafidz and How he's Got So Popular?


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The person with the original name Al Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafidz is a renowned scholar, teacher, and Islamic reformer in Yemen. He was born in the country, specifically in the region of Tarim, Hadhramaut, on May 27, 1963. Currently, he resides there.

In his daily life, Habib Umar oversees the developments at Darul Musthafa and manages several other schools. Not only that, he also has the ability to memorize the Quran along with various core texts of jurisprudence, hadith, and the Arabic language from a young age.

Habib Umar possesses another notable skill. He masters religious sciences that are firmly held by several other scholars. Starting from Muhammad bin Alawi bin Shihab and Al-Shaikh Fadl Baa Fadhl, among others, who taught at Ribat, Tarim.

His father, Al-Habib Muhammad bin Salim, held a deep affection for him and was always by his side since he was a child. Even in his youth, Umar was often taught by his father to deepen his knowledge of religion and devotion. It's no wonder he developed a passion for this field.

Later, a tragedy occurred when Habib Umar was still young. While accompanying his father for Friday prayers, his father was abducted by communist groups. Eventually, he returned home alone with his father's scarf. Since then, his father never returned.

As a teenager, Habib Umar had the determination to continue his father's responsibilities in the field of preaching. He used his father's scarf as his guiding light. He gathered people to establish gatherings.

His efforts for the sake of Islamic preaching bore fruit. Many classes were established for young children and adults in local mosques with various offerings. This ranged from memorizing the Quran to learning traditional sciences.

The political situation in Tarim in 1981 was chaotic, leading Habib Umar to move to the city of Al-Bayda in northern Yemen. There, he resumed his religious studies. He also taught and established study forums in Al-Bayda, Al-Hudaydah, and Ta'izz.

In 1992, Habib Umar relocated to Al-Shihr, the capital of the Hadramaut Province. Two years later, he returned to Tarim and began building Darul Mustafa. This Islamic boarding school was inaugurated in 1997 and attracted many students from various countries.

Furthermore, Habib Umar also established religious study forums in the city of Tarim. These forums are regularly attended by hundreds of local residents. They also engage in weekly activities, such as visiting various places in Yemen.

Presently, Habib Umar's preaching extends beyond Yemen. It has spread worldwide to countries such as Lebanon, Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Mali, Kenya, and Algeria. Additionally, to South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and even Indonesia.

Habib Umar has been engaged in Islamic preaching in Indonesia since 1994, through the delegation of Habib Abdul Qadir bin Ahmad Assegaf. The purpose was to revive the spirits of the Alawiyyin in Indonesia who had begun to forget the teachings of their ancestors.

Habib Umar's arrival in Indonesia led to the formation of an organization called Majelis Al Muwasholah Bayna Ulama Al Muslimin or the Forum for Inter-Ulama Relations. He also conducted online teachings in several Nahdlatul Ulama boarding schools (Ponpes) on a monthly basis.

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