This is 27 New CPUs from Intel, Released on CES 2024

 Intel has recently introduced a significant lineup of 27 new CPUs for both desktops and laptops, showcasing their commitment to reclaiming a strong position in the CPU market. This development comes on the heels of Intel's 12th gen chips, which marked a turning point in their competitive stance against AMD's Ryzen chips.

Among the notable releases are the Intel Core Ultra chips, building upon the innovations introduced with the 12th gen series. A significant advancement is the adoption of the Intel 4 (7nm) process, signifying a long-overdue change in their manufacturing process. At CES 2024, Intel presented a diverse range of new chips, including the 14th gen chips belonging to the Core HX-Series.

Interestingly, this batch retains the Core "i" branding, with the highest-end chip being the Intel Core i9-14900HX, boasting an impressive configuration of 24 cores and 32 threads. The Intel Core i7-14700HX is also noteworthy, featuring 20 cores and 50% more efficiency cores than its predecessor. Despite the continuation of the "i" branding, these chips are based on Intel's Raptor Lake Refresh architecture, aligning with the 14th gen desktop chips released earlier.

In addition to the mobile HX chips, Intel has expanded its desktop processor offerings with new additions to the 14th gen lineup. Ranging from the powerful Intel Core i9-14900 to the entry-level Core i3-14100, these non-K variants differ from their predecessors by lacking an unlocked multiplier, making them non-overclockable. Furthermore, F variants, without an integrated GPU, provide a cost-effective option for users with dedicated graphics.

Notably, the desktop chip range also introduces the Intel Processor 300, positioned at the lower end. This naming departure from the traditional Pentium or Celeron branding reflects Intel's recent rebranding strategy.

For thin and light laptops, Intel presents the Intel Core U Series 1 chips, featuring the newer branding. While not reaching the performance levels of the Ultra chips, they offer commendable specifications. The Intel Core 7 150U, for instance, boasts 10 cores (2 performance, 8 efficiency) and boost frequencies of up to 5.4 GHz. Accompanying this, the Intel Core 5 120U and Intel Core 3 100U provide additional options.

To provide a comprehensive overview, the entire list of chips announced by Intel includes mobile HX chips, desktop chips, and mobile U Series 1 chips. The anticipated availability of these chips on store shelves and in laptops in the coming weeks is poised to bring forth a new wave of computing capabilities. Keep an eye out for announcements from both Intel and laptop manufacturers for further insights into these advancements.

New CPU from Intel released on CES 2024 are:

Mobile HX Chips

  • Intel Core i9-14900HX
  • Intel Core i7-14700HX
  • Intel Core i7-14650HX
  • Intel Core i5-14500HX
  • Intel Core i5-14450HX

Desktop Chips

  • Intel Core i9-14900
  • Intel Core i9-14900T
  • Intel Core i9-14900F
  • Intel Core i7-14700
  • Intel Core i7-14700T
  • Intel Core i7-14700F
  • Intel Core i5-14600
  • Intel Core i5-14600T
  • Intel Core i5-14500
  • Intel Core i5-14500T
  • Intel Core i5-14400
  • Intel Core i5-14400T
  • Intel Core i5-14400F
  • Intel Core i3-14100
  • Intel Core i3-14100T
  • Intel Core i3-14100F
  • Intel Processor 300
  • Intel Processor 300T

Mobile U Series 1 Chips

  • Intel Core 7 150U
  • Intel Core 5 120U
  • Intel Core 3 100U
  • Intel Core 3 100U (with IPU)

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