Ammunition Warehouse for Armed Forces in Bogor Burns, Causing Explosions

An Artillery Medium (Armed) ammunition warehouse in the Gunung Putri area, Bogor Regency, on Saturday night (30/3/2024), exploded and caused a massive fire.

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"That armed warehouse is just located on the border of Bogor with Bekasi," said Danton Pleton B Damkar Kota Bekasi, Haryanto, when confirmed on Saturday (30/4/2024).

Haryanto said he had sent several teams to assess the conditions around the location.

"We have just dispatched 3 from our city there," he said.

According to him, the location of the explosives warehouse is on the border. He received information that part of it entered the Bogor Regency area and part entered the Bekasi City area.

"They said the entrance gate goes to Ciangsana, which is in the Bogor Regency area. Then the warehouse part enters Bekasi City. The Gunung Putri Fire Department has already dispatched," he said.

Meanwhile, the cause of the fire itself is still unknown. This includes whether there are any casualties at the scene.

In an amateur video circulating on social media, flames can be seen soaring high. Additionally, the recording also captured the sound of explosions emanating from the source of the fire.

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