Facebook Ransacked by the US, Even Though It's Already Been Fined Rp 77 Trillion

The United States authorities plan to reopen the Meta privacy case. However, the parent company of Facebook has already been fined US$5 billion or Rp 77 trillion in a previous ruling.

In a decision by a US appeals court, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) could reopen its investigation into Facebook's privacy practices, quoted from Reuters on Friday (15/3/2024).

The court supported the FTC's concerns about privacy issues that could affect public interests. Meta is said to have the opportunity to challenge any final actions taken by the FTC.

The FTC declined to comment on the new ruling. Meanwhile, Meta stated that the FTC cannot unilaterally rewrite the court's settlement.

This new decision, according to Meta, will impact Meta's operations. It could limit the development of new products, oversee corporate governance, and disrupt the ability to serve users and advertisers.

Reuters reported on Meta's previous decision received in 2020. The FTC's move was intended to tighten privacy agreements made by the platform, namely banning the exploitation of underage data and expanding facial recognition technology restrictions.

At that time, the FTC accused Meta of creating misleading rules regarding the protection of children within the platform.

It's not just Meta that faces legal action for causing addiction among children on the platform. Many other social media companies have also faced hundreds of similar lawsuits.

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