PHR's Elephant Conservation Program Deemed Strategic for Sumatran Elephant Conservation

 An IPB University wildlife management ecology expert, Professor Burhanuddin Masyud, has praised PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) for running the Sumatran Elephant Conservation Program in Riau.

Moreover, through the program, PHR also won the prestigious Green World Environment Award 2024 as the Global Winner for the Fuel, Power & Energy/Conservation & Wildlife Project category.

"Yes (strategic), it's very good. The conservation plays a role in preserving elephants as protected animals and also as one of the national biodiversity riches. Therefore, parties involved in ensuring sustainability, such as Pertamina, become very important," said Burhanuddin in Jakarta, Saturday (30/3/2024).

According to Burhanuddin, the program run by PHR, a subsidiary of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE), is an early mitigation. It aims to prevent conflict between elephants and humans. Thus, it can reduce further risks, both from the perspective of human safety and the risk of the animal being killed.

"The potential threat of death for elephants on the one hand and the safety of the community on the other can be anticipated early on. So it's a kind of mitigation step," Burhanuddin continued.

According to Burhanuddin, conservation efforts are indeed a necessity. This is in line with the increasing number of land conversions, for example into industry and plantations. In such conditions, there is a possibility that elephants will return to their original habitat, but it has already been converted.

"They move around in a year. There are times for mating and foraging. But there is indeed a tendency for elephants to return to their original territory. If it turns out to have been converted, that's where the potential for conflict occurs. That's why conservation like what Pertamina is doing is important," he explained.

That is why, Burhanuddin added, the conservation program, which is part of PHR's Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) program, plays a very important role in preserving elephant habitat and addressing conflict with humans.

In fact, he added, the PHR program can also be a model for other companies. This includes industries or plantations that have land that intersects with the elephant's range. The elephant conservation program carried out by PHR, he said, is a positive commitment to saving elephants and ensuring the lives of the community.

"Yes, it can be a benchmark. In fact, I think it's also good if Pertamina (Hulu Rokan) initiates other stakeholders, especially if they can work together," said Burhanuddin.

Previously, the PHR Elephant Conservation Program won the prestigious Green World Environment Awards 2024 as the Global Winner for the Fuel, Power & Energy/Conservation & Wildlife Projects category.

PHR WK Rokan is one of 25 companies that received the award from a total of 500 other competitors in the award for the best environmental practices from around the world. Remarkably, PHR is the only company from Indonesia to receive the award.

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