With Potential Failure to Pass Parliament, PPP Cadres Demand Accountability from Mardiono

 The United Development Party (PPP) is predicted to not pass the parliament as it only received a vote percentage of 3.87 percent or 5,878,777 votes.

Several PPP cadres feel that the 2024 elections are the worst achievement for the PPP of all time. Therefore, one of the PPP cadres, Maman Firmansyah, assesses that the acting chairman of the PPP, Mardiono, has made too many sweet promises to PPP stakeholders.

"We demand accountability from Mardiono as the Acting Chairman of the PPP Central Executive Board for the failure of leadership resulting in a significant decline in PPP votes in the 2024 elections," said Maman in North Jakarta on Saturday (30/3/2024).

Furthermore, he admitted that they still remember Mardiono's statements when he took over the leadership of the PPP. Where Mardiono stated that he was ready to sacrifice his body and soul, ready to sell personal assets for the sake of PPP's interests, and promised victory in the PPP's constituency.

"However, it was just empty talk, and it reduced the cadres' trust in Mardiono," he said.

Maman added that besides this empty talk, there have also been reshuffles in the management at the DPW and DPC levels since Mardiono took office as Acting Chairman, which has disrupted the performance of officials in the base areas.

"We can cite the example of the Jakarta DPW, where the unjust dismissal of structures has disrupted the consolidation process for the 2024 elections, resulting in a decrease in PPP votes in Jakarta as well," explained Maman.

Maman and other PPP cadres emphasize that they will demand Mardiono's promise that he is ready to sacrifice himself for PPP and is willing to sell assets for PPP.

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