Tana Mongeau Fire Responds for Accussed as a Liar

Is Tana Mongeau a liar who makes up stories for consideration? Fans as of late blamed her for that – and she reacted!

You are most likely mindful that numerous YouTubers like to adorn and/or create "storytime" recordings with stories – like engaging in sexual relations with a pooch or bedding an A-rundown motion picture star.

Fans blamed Tana for doing likewise, and she wasn't cheerful.

On Twitter, a fan (who guaranteed to have spotted Tana Mongeau at a Vidcon latrine) tweeted that she needed to face Tana about making up stories and untruths, yet did not.

Tana terminated back, and blamed the young lady for being a console warrior. "Why didn't you solicit me rather from holing up behind screens? Goodness, your tweet makes you appear to be so cool," she wryly answered.

"Individuals are continually attempting to make up bits of gossip and lies! I won't give it a chance to stage me."

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