Former Indonesian Army Intelligence Asks Police to Reveal & Arrest Mafia Bosses

JAKARTA - Former Head of the TNI Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS) Admiral TNI (Ret.) Soleman B Ponto asked the National Police Headquarters to dismantle and arrest big bookies or online gambling mafia bosses who have damaged the nation.

According to Soleman, the National Police Headquarters must ensure that those arrested are the dealers, not just field actors.

This was conveyed by Soleman in response to recent news that the Bareskrim and a number of Regional Police had arrested online bookies.

“It was really the boss or his subordinates who were arrested. First of all, those who were arrested were the bosses or just the perpetrators in the field. Maybe this is just an image because of the Sambo case (Former Head of Propam Police Inspector General Ferdy Sambo)," said Soleman when contacted by reporters, Wednesday (17/8/2022).

Soleman recalled that the Police should not protect these online bookies, including if the Police every time there is an arrest of perpetrators or online bookies, it must be immediately announced to the public.

Yes, it must be opened to the public. Once arrested, it must be opened to the public, this is arrested, who is the boss, it should be like that, he said.

Soleman did not deny the opportunity for online bookies to enter the National Police to secure their business. The reason is, the Police are the authorities in handling and arresting these online bookies.

According to Solmen, if there are members or officers of the National Police who are proven to be involved in the online gambling mafia network, then it is time for National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo to take firm action.

"That's right, everything (must be prosecuted). That's why the police cannot use budgets from outside, they are all budgets that can be audited (state budgets)," he said.

He thought it would have a big impact if law enforcement agencies were involved in mafia networks, including online gambling mafia. According to him, not only security and order are at stake, but also undermining the Indonesian legal system which ultimately destroys the Indonesian nation.

"It's not just destroying defense and security, it's damaging the nation. Our legal system is all broken, what happened, the law of the jungle," he stressed.

Not to mention, said Soleman, the impact of online gambling on the younger generation. They will be lulled to sleep with online gambling so they forget to learn to develop their abilities to become a superior, quality and competitive generation.

"Yes (the younger generation is also damaged), imagine how many young people are involved in online gambling," concluded Soleman.

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