Police Chief Becomes Drug Courier, National Police Committee: He's Not Alone

JAKARTA – AKP ENM Head of Narcotics Unit at the Karawang Police who was arrested in connection with a drug case. He is alleged to have been a courier for 2,000 ecstasy in Bandung.

The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) urges the Dittipidnarkoba Bareskrim Polri to investigate indications of the involvement of other police officers in the drug trafficking case that ensnared AKP ENM.

"It is necessary to investigate whether the person concerned is working alone or involving other members," said Commissioner of National Police, Poengky Indarti to reporters, Wednesday, August 17, 2022.

He said his party regretted the arrest of the Karawang Police Narcotics Head in the case of drug trafficking.

He also asked the police to handle the case transparently.

“We are very concerned and regret if it is true that AKP ENM is involved in drug trafficking.

We are waiting for the investigation process and hope that the investigation will be carried out professionally, transparently, independently with the support of scientific crime investigation," he said.

"Drugs are a common enemy, therefore Kompolnas encourages criminal and ethical processes to be carried out firmly so that there is a deterrent effect," he added.

Furthermore, Poengky suggested that AKP ENM should also be subject to the article on money laundering (TPPU).

"The person concerned should also be subject to articles of the Money Laundering Law if he is suspected of being involved in a drug network," he said.

It is known, the Bareskrim Polri revealed that the Karawang Police Narcotics Head was suspected of having delivered 2,000 ecstasy pills to the owner of THM Club Bandung, Juki.

The allegation emerged after the Bareskrim carried out the development of the drug trafficking case that had ensnared Juki as a suspect.

"The team developed and obtained evidence that suspects JS and RH once delivered 2,000 pills of ecstasy to suspect Juki along with ENM," said the Director of Narcotics Crime (Dirtipidnarkoba) of the Indonesian National Police, Brigadier General Krisno Halomoan Siregar when confirmed, Tuesday, August 16. 2022.

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