Presidential Office: Construction of New Capital Still on the track

 The Presidential Staff Office team verified the construction of the Nusantara Capital (IKN) in North Penajam Paser, East Kalimantan, Tuesday, to ensure the IKN development was in accordance with the plan.

"Currently, it is in the preparation stage which is targeted to be completed by the end of 2022," said Wandy Tuturoong, the main expert at the Presidential Staff Office, in a press release in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Wandy Tuturoong explained that the relocation of the country's capital city to East Kalimantan was divided into four stages, namely preparation, development, relocation, and governance.

He said that the preparatory stage of IKN development includes the construction of housing for workers, access roads and logistics centers, as well as the completion of drinking water supply.

For workers' housing, he said, 22 apartment units are being built with a height of four floors. This occupancy is for 16,600 workers.

"Currently, logistics routes are being built to facilitate infrastructure development," he explained.

Touching on the supply of drinking water and clean water, he said that the government was building the Sepaku Dam. In addition to IKN, it is also for the raw water needs of Balikpapan City.

It was also said that at the same time land development or for infrastructure development, such as housing, government offices, and the Presidential Palace were being carried out.

It is also hoped that land construction can be completed quickly so that residential buildings and government offices are planned to start in early 2023.

Wandy emphasized that the construction and relocation of the Capital of the Archipelago (IKN) was a super-priority program of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma'ruf Amin.

For this reason, he continued, the Presidential Staff Office which is tasked with overseeing the priority programs of the President and Vice President continues to monitor and evaluate and verify the field so that the implementation of the transfer and development of IKN runs optimally in the field.

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