Many PMII Students Get Repressive Action in Gas Price Protest

 Chairman of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement (PMII) Muhammad Abdullah Syukri (Abe) said his party had received data that more than 100 people were affected by repressive actions from security forces when carrying out demonstrations against the increase in fuel prices.

"Whether his head is leaking, bleeding, teeth falling out, falling out, getting injured, some even have to be hospitalized," said Abe at a press conference, seen by NU Online from the official Instagram account @pmiiofficial, on Thursday (8/9). /2022).

In addition to physical repressive measures, there are also repressive actions carried out online. For example, there are parties who clone, hack, and hijack the phone or whatsapp numbers of PMII members, cadres, and administrators with the aim of disturbing the privacy of cadres who want to protest. The cloning of the telephone number also aims to spread false news on behalf of PMII.

Abe appealed to the security forces, be it the army, police, or Satpol PP who were involved in guarding and securing the protests against the increase in fuel prices to stop this repressive action. He asked the security forces to carry out escorts by upholding the values ​​of human rights.

"There should be no more blood coming out of the bodies of the people who are protesting. There are no more bruised body parts, fallen teeth, bruised muscles, sore eyes, paralyzed bodies due to the repressive actions of the security forces," said Abe.

PB PMII demands the parties involved to immediately take action against its members who take repressive actions against the people who are protesting, who are demanding their rights, which have been entrusted to the government.

Because of this, Abe reiterated that the struggle was not over. He asked all PMII cadres, members and administrators throughout Indonesia to continue to move simultaneously, rise up, and fight against any policies that are unjust to the people.

"Our struggle is not over. Demand that the government immediately revoke the fuel price policy, and immediately bring order to the management of oil and gas from upstream to downstream. Arrest the oil and gas mafia. We are tired of seeing their greed," said Abe.

"The oligarchs, together with their accomplices who continue to suck the blood and sweat of the Indonesian people, and dredge up natural resources for their own personal interests," he continued.

To all PMII cadres and members who are struggling in each region, Abe left a message to demand local government leaders to jointly fight for lower fuel prices.

"Tell regional heads that the people are now completely suffocated by the policy," said the master's degree winner from the University of Duisberg Essen, Germany.

He emphasized that PB PMII will continue to guard and move and fight together until they win. Abe instructed all PMII cadres in the regions to continue to consolidate with the people around them.

“Sit together, fight together. Don't be afraid, don't back down. White said the people, white said PMII. Black said the people, black said PMII. Victory will definitely come," said Abe.

Until this moment, PB PMII continues to instruct cadres throughout Indonesia to continue to move and consolidate with other elements of the people until the fuel price is lowered again or this policy is revoked, because the situation is increasingly stifling and detrimental to the people due to the increase in fuel prices.

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