Jakarta Govt Partners with Bank for Electric Vehicle Installments

The Jakarta Provincial Government collaborates with Bank DKI to facilitate Civil Servants (ASN) in purchasing electric vehicles through installment plans. This initiative aims to address the growing concern over air pollution in the capital city.

"I encourage ASN to buy new vehicles, and then I'll request Bank DKI to provide low-interest installment plans within a specified timeframe," stated Acting Governor of Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, in Jakarta on Saturday (August 26, 2023).

Earlier, the Jakarta Provincial Government issued a recommendation for ASN employees within its jurisdiction to use electric vehicles as a contribution to combat air pollution in the capital.

Currently, Heru mentioned that discussions between the Jakarta Provincial Government and Bank DKI have taken place regarding reduced interest rates for electric vehicle installments.

"For example, if ASN employees in Jakarta can opt for installment plans, I've requested calculations to be made for those who register for installment plans by November 2023. They will be granted reduced interest rates by Bank DKI, and this is currently under discussion," explained Heru.

However, Heru stated that a ban on motor vehicles owned by ASN from entering office premises will not be enforced. He noted that designated drop-off areas for passengers are often available within office premises.

Heru prefers to issue recommendations to ASN employees, encouraging them to start using electric cars to reduce emissions.

"I haven't executed this yet; I don't have the official circular in my possession. What I'm suggesting is that, in the near future, at the very least, ASN employees who can afford it should consider getting electric two-wheeler vehicles," said Heru.

The implementation of electric vehicles will be gradual and phased in over time. Heru hopes that ASN employees within the Jakarta Provincial Government will transition to electric vehicles as soon as possible.

"I'm inviting ASN employees, and I hope they'll consider it. Buying outright might be burdensome, so we'll provide installment options through Bank DKI. Our ASN employees, through these vehicles, can contribute to combating pollution," Heru stated.

Previously, Sigit Wijatmoko, Assistant for Government Affairs in the Secretary's Office of Jakarta, mentioned that transportation allowances provided to ASN employees vary depending on their work area. However, the budget allocation is around Rp6.5 million per month for the Jakarta Provincial level.

"It depends on the work area, so there are different levels for province, city, district, and sub-district. The reason for this allowance was to support the program of bringing homes closer to workplaces, as a replacement for providing operational vehicles," explained Sigit.

Given the provided allowances, Sigit believes that ASN employees should have the capability to purchase electric vehicles, at least electric motorcycles, through installment plans.

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