President Jokowi's Car Encountered an Unexpected Situation in Binjai, Nort Sumatra

Surprising Moment as President Jokowi's Car Encountered an Unexpected Situation in Binjai, North Sumatra on Friday (25/8/2023). Suddenly, a man wearing a black fez stepped in front of the black sedan carrying President Jokowi.

The man stood in front of the car and attempted to stop it. He seemed to be holding a letter for Jokowi. Check out the facts about the fez-wearing man who kicked President Jokowi's car in Binjai below.

Man in a Black Fez Blocks Jokowi's Car

President Jokowi was on a working visit to the city of Binjai, North Sumatra on Friday (25/8/2023). The local community had also gathered on the roadside to welcome the country's top leader.

However, unexpectedly, a daring man blocked Jokowi's car along the way. The man, wearing a light purple batik shirt and a black fez, attempted to approach the car window where Jokowi was seated.

The man even knocked on President Jokowi's car window a few times. However, the police quickly intervened and stopped the action.

Apparently, the man wasn't willing to give up. He made a second attempt to approach the president's car. Fortunately, the police managed to restrain and apprehend the man.

Carrying a Letter

The man seemed to be holding a piece of paper, presumably a message for Jokowi. However, before his efforts could succeed, two policemen managed to apprehend him.

Subsequently, the man was directed to the side of the road and taken into custody. "I wanted to meet him," he explained to the arresting officers.

The paper the man carried appeared to be taken by the presidential security detail (Paspampres). Meanwhile, President Jokowi's car continued to move forward, escorted by Paspampres personnel.

Near-Disorderly Conditions

Not only that, the surrounding situation nearly turned chaotic as the president's car passed by a crowd of people standing on the roadside. Many individuals were trying to approach Jokowi's car, as he was distributing items to the crowd, causing a rush to get them.

Identity of the Man Unknown

The identity of the man wearing the black fez and his motives for blocking President Jokowi's car remain unknown. He seemed to be attempting to deliver a piece of white paper, but his actions were thwarted by the police present at the scene.

President Jokowi is known to have several agendas in North Sumatra. In addition to inaugurating the Regional Drinking Water Management System (SPAM) for Medan-Binjai-Deli Serdang (Mebidang), Jokowi also attended the second anniversary commemoration (Haul) of Anif Shah, the father of North Sumatra's Vice Governor Musa Rajekshah.

Netizens' Comments

The viral video of the man in a black fez blocking President Jokowi's car has garnered various comments from netizens. Some of those commenting on the @memomedsos account expressed sympathy for the fez-wearing man.

"It's sad to see the lax security, this is the president we're talking about. The Presidential Security Detail (Paspampres) should have noticed this person's suspicious movements from a distance," a netizen commented.

"I feel sorry for the man, looking at him; he seems so eager to be heard, but he doesn't know how to convey his message properly due to his lack of knowledge. So he took a desperate action," another netizen said.

"I actually feel sorry for this man. From his gestures, he doesn't seem to have ill intentions. However, he probably has something pressing he wants to convey, like a heavy burden. It's just that his approach seems inappropriate," added another.

"Perhaps this man is facing difficulties, judging by the way he's carrying a letter. He doesn't know where to turn for help, and it remains unresolved. But, that's not the way to do it, it might endanger himself. I hope he finds a way out," expressed a netizen's prayer.

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