Vice Governor: Unila Must Restore The Public Trust

Lampung Vice Governor Chusnunia Chalim is concerned about the arrest of the Chancellor of the University of Lampung (Unila) Karomani by the KPK because it happened in the world of education.

The Deputy Governor of Lampung then asked Unila to make improvements to restore public trust after the rector and top officials of the university were arrested by the KPK.

Chusnunia is very concerned because this is happening in universities that should be able to provide access to education.

"I am very concerned that this is happening in the world of education, especially in universities which should provide access to education for future provisions for the nation's children," said Chusnunia Chalim, in Bandarlampung, Monday (22/8/2022).

In order to restore public trust to Unila, according to him, corrective steps need to be carried out thoroughly.

"To enter university at Unila, children need a strict selection, something like this (bribery) really hurts us. So this must be a reflection and Unila must clean up thoroughly," he said.

According to him, the University of Lampung has been the pride of the people of Lampung because it has produced many regional leaders. For that, Unila must be able to restore its image by making changes after the rector was arrested by the KPK, tarnishing the world of education.

"Unila has become the pride of Lampung residents because it has produced many regional leaders. So the dark side of this independent path needs to be re-evaluated, actually this route helps students who are not accommodated in other routes. Cases of bribery should not occur," he said.

He hopes that the successor of the chancellor who was appointed by the University of Lampung to replace the rector who was caught in a bribery case can make improvements and prove that the right to education for all must be fair.

Previously, the KPK had named Karomani (KRM) Unila Rector with a term of 2020-2024 along with Deputy Chancellor I for Academic Affairs Unila Heryandi (HY), and Unila Senate Chair Muhammad Basri (MB) as suspected recipients in the alleged bribery case related to the acceptance of new student candidates. at Unila in 2022 with an estimated value of IDR 5 billion, while the private provider is Andi Desfiandi (AD).

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